Marketing, websites, lead generation and customer satisfaction mobile apps for benefits specialists and financial advisors
Solve people’s problems to turn them into new customers and happy customers. All they need is a mobile phone and 30 seconds.
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Mobile Apps to Gain Customers and Affinity

Increase Attendance

SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE (OR THAT OF YOUR STAFF). An elegant Workshop and Seminar mobile app will impress, attract and confirm more pre-qualified attendees for all of your events.

Engage Audiences

DON’T BE BORING. We teach you or your team the best behavioral engagement techniques. Today’s audiences demand that you deliver your best. Mobile apps can be a part of today’s most dynamic presentations.

Solve Problems Quickly

BE FORWARD THINKING. The instant mobile web app will impress and engage everyone. Anyone with a phone simply brings up your web app and gets problems solved.

Mobile Web Apps

Get leads and feedback instantly by providing a simple web address to anyone with a mobile phone. Whether you are delivering a workshop or seminar or just want feedback from a group of people, the app gets it simply and quickly. Create your own sample app using the button below or email yourself a sample by clicking HERE.

How can it help you?

Learn about two groups using the applications. One is a financial services firm looking for a way to increase their lead generation while also providing a better experience for their workshop attendees. The second is a large association who was seeking a better way to deliver the latest benefits information to their members in real time.

Workshop/Seminar Engagement Training

OK. So you may not have the benefit of a 25′ x 12′ screen to support your powerful words, but that is really unnecessary anyway. Seminar training starts with the basics of how to setup the room, greet the audience and open the presentation – without a screen in many cases. The training focuses on teaching you how to emotionally engage every person in the room. Let’s face it, employer and individual health and wealth benefits are not very exciting. As a result, we provide proven tactics to keep your audience engaged enough to learn and to ask for a follow up appointment. Find out why our system works. Benefits specialists are having success with our tools and asking for more.

Great Workshop Landing Pages

BenefitsClick.com workshop landing pages provide an elegant and professional way for you to secure more RSVPs for your seminars and workshops. Participants RSVP from their phone or desktop. As each person RSVPs, they receive a custom confirmation and your back office receives an email with relevant information for each registrant.
“I have had the pleasure to experience the training and presentations in several formats on many different occasions. The ideas and tips shared are incredibly valuable and have helped me further improve my interaction with clients and prospective clients. This has benefitted my business tremendously.”

– Bruce W., Financial Services Professional

“In just a few days that included some collaboration between us, Mark designed and delivered my business website. His process included securing my business domain name, building an elegant website, providing a custom email address and creating lead generation forms as well. I was promoting my website just days after we began sharing ideas.”

– Greg R., Financial Services Professional

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