BenefitsClick Mobile Web Application Request

You are building a sample (a real, usable) mobile web app. This app is designed for you to share a specific web address (benefitsclick.com/<your-app-name>) that can be used by anyone to provide you feedback or requests for anything you’d like. The app is optimized to be used on mobile devices. Click here from your phone to request a sample app link.

The ideal example of how this app can be used is a financial advisor who’d like to increase responses from workshop audiences. The app increases responses of indications of interest in products and services offered. Users simply use their phone to go to the web address, click check boxes, provide some basic contact information, then submit their request. Those requests are instantly received via email by the app owner (you).

Once you complete the app request information below, your app will be built for you. Expect a 24 hour turnaround on app development. This app will be available for trial for 7 days from date of delivery.